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Lebneh Frozen Yogurt

I wanted a great way to showcase all the fresh fruits coming from the market and my garden…strawberries, currents, even a few early blackberries. Let me introduce you to lebneh frozen yogurt. It is PERFECT. Lebneh is strained yogurt, thick and creamy, with virtually zero water to ice up in your ice cream maker. A […]

Buddah Bowls and How Not to Die

Our customers are so smart. Every week I learn something new and cool from them. One of my pals (@katievogel!) said it best…it’s like you are at a dinner party all week long! One of them inspired me to start making weekly “Buddah Bowls”. She told me that short grain brown rice is not only […]

Freekeh with chickpeas and mushrooms

I will forever remember freekeh as the best meal that I’ve ever eaten in a Greyhound Bus station. I guess I’m something of an anomaly. I seriously love the Greyhound Bus system. You can’t beat the price, you meet interesting people, and you are granted hours upon hours to do nothing but read, knit and […]

We’re Hiring!

Mediterranean Imports is a fun and laid-back work environment. We are a family that LOVES food, so it helps if you do to. We are a small business and consider our employees like our family (for better or worse, haha). We are looking for someone who can make at least a 1-2 year commitment, with […]

Hot Sauce and the Gift Economy

Hot sauce made my morning. In truth, you could top a Blue Oven English Muffin with cat litter and it would still taste good. But our breakfast, Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms topped with egg, inspired by a Joy the Baker recipe, benefited from a few key ingredients from our store, namely Syrian Mix, horseradish from […]

Moroccan Anchovies vs Peruvian Anchovies

It was a weird, slow week at Market. Call me a new age weirdo, but I’m blaming the harvest moon. Life always gets a little bit strange when the universe’s patterns and predictability are askew, like a great cosmic toe-stubbing. But, If poison dart frogs and the Smokey Mountains teach us anything, it is that […]