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We’re Hiring!

Mediterranean Imports is a fun and laid-back work environment. We are a family that LOVES food, so it helps if you do to. We are a small business and consider our employees like our family (for better or worse, haha). We are looking for someone who can make at least a 1-2 year commitment, with […]

Hot Sauce and the Gift Economy

Hot sauce made my morning. In truth, you could top a Blue Oven English Muffin with cat litter and it would still taste good. But our breakfast, Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms topped with egg, inspired by a Joy the Baker recipe, benefited from a few key ingredients from our store, namely Syrian Mix, horseradish from […]

Moroccan Anchovies vs Peruvian Anchovies

It was a weird, slow week at Market. Call me a new age weirdo, but I’m blaming the harvest moon. Life always gets a little bit strange when the universe’s patterns and predictability are askew, like a great cosmic toe-stubbing. But, If poison dart frogs and the Smokey Mountains teach us anything, it is that […]


Here is the long and short of it: two years ago, I moved back to my hometown of Cincinnati to be closer to my family after 10 years of living on the East Coast. I had a good job in the field I went to college for, a serious girlfriend, and a vibrant community life […]